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Episode 2: The Retired Postman...The Visual Artist: Bruce Young

The Stolen Hours Podcast

Our guest this week is retired postman, visual artist, Bruce Young.  After a 20 year hiatus Bruce returned to his art school roots to start a prolific career as a visual artist. The last decade of his 34 years with the postal office in Highland Lakes, NJ was spent drawing and painting in the stolen hours after work and the time that came available after his kids were grown. Now he can't help but make art throughout all shifts of the day as he sits working in his home studio on commissioned pieces or his own personal concepts. Bruce will work 4 or more days straight on his highly detailed pen and ink drawings so retirement is still very full of putting in some hours. This work, though, is full of customers who praise, a sense of timelessness, and an energy to get up and work in the morning  that does not need an alarm clock. He may still depend on putting in overtime to get his paycheck, but making art as his second career has been a true labor of love.  At this point, Young works on commissioned projects so much that he has to steal moments to create his personal works (that people often buy as well) and must remind himself to take a break to go to the grocery store or catch a glimpse of the beauty of the beautiful lake that fills the scene just outside of his studio. Bruce's home itself is  an art gallery. There you can find his impressive illustrative and imaginative works, but also those of many other Highland Lakes' visual artists. In better times, he puts out a sign inviting people to stop in and check it all out. You can also find his work hanging on the walls of many area galleries and the restaurants and cafes of Vernon, NJ and just over the border in Warwick, NY. 

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