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Episode 1: The Postman...The Writer: Michael C. Dalelio

The Stolen Hours Podcast

This episode contains a conversation with my brother Mike Dalelio, a career postal worker, who is also known for his creative writing.  He  helped spark the idea of creating a podcast about art, writing, life, etc. several years ago. It felt appropriate to begin this podcast with him for that reason, but also for the fact that his love of music, books, comic books, etc. led me into my own love for it all. The conversation explores his life as a creator from the days where he and his friends took our family video camera to make horror films to  the creation of his own poetry, short stories, songs, and the beginnings of a novel.  He has published much of his writing throughout his adult life, but you will have to knock on his door to get your hands on  the rest of it. He has spent the majority of his working life delivering mail along the coastline of the New Jersey Shore to help support his family and to indulge in his love for work, but he also moonlights as an online adjunct professor of literature. He admits how much being an artist makes him see the world in a profound way and how his skills as a writer have even been essential as a union leader.  Mike discusses the importance of art that comes from the working class and offers great insights into the world of a creative whose mild mannered alter ego, The Postman, is equally something he takes pride in. 

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