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The Stolen Hours Podcast
1h 14min

John Mungiello, a visual artist whose first love was creating comic books, shares his story about the twists and turns of his creative life.  After graduating from SVA in NYC he took a hiatus from drawing and painting to begin his working life as a cashier in a bookstore.  It was there, among the stacks that he found his desire to one day publish a book and where he admits he still created, but for an audience of one- his future wife Laura.  Since then John began a career as a high school art and special education teacher in NJ and has published his first book- Streamlining Oblivion, a book of poems and illustrations musing about life, the soul's search for meaning, and our strange relationship with cell phones.  He continues to teach and create. He describes the relationship between teaching, inspiring students, and bringing his own classroom lessons into his home studio. We catch him during a week off of being an educator and a full scale dive back into his love for creating comic books.  In the weeks since he has revived his acclaimed series called Echoes, written a set of short comics, and embarked on creating a graphic novel. Check out this great conversation with John. It's full of amazing insights from this prolific creator who is just realizing what it means to stick by that which you love for life.   FYI- The are a couple swears in the mix.  

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