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12. Career Development in the Time of COVID, with Amy Hancock and Tim Henderson

May the Record Reflect

In Episode 12 of “May the Record Reflect,” we get tools, tips, and resources that will help you keep up momentum in your legal career development. Professional development officers Amy Hancock and Tim Henderson talk about making the most of the challenges—and opportunities—that the pandemic has brought.


3:49 Effects of pandemic on legal career development
5:36 Work-life balance for the home office
10:50 Leadership support during individual struggles
16:17 Fostering collegiality
19:28 Cooking classes and holiday celebrations
22:50 Frequency of social touch points
24:18 “We are one firm”
27:45 Business development and client outreach
34:10 Where pro bono fits in
38:31 Silver linings of these strange times
42:19 Advice after job loss
47:58 The future of the virtual law office
51:30 Job interview tips
54:52 Signature sign-off question


“I think that just as in-house lawyers are overtaxed and overworked and stressed right now, so are all of the agencies that support those in our communities that are in need. They are overtaxed and they need backup relief and assistance now more than ever, and many of the things they do provide great training and development opportunities, especially for young litigators. I think that you can couple the needs of these organizations for more manpower with the abundance of the social justice causes out there that they are serving and plug yourself right into them.” (Amy Hancock)

“I think one of the more important and significant things we’ve seen as a silver lining is the opportunity to learn, shadow, and kind of view real-time proceedings, real-time client meetings, real-time patent examiner interviews, real-time pitches because it’s much easier to do that virtually than it is if they were traveling to a different court or jurisdiction or traveling to a client site for their pitch.” (Tim Henderson)

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