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nerdschatting godzilla vs kong + invincible ep 4 - FULL SPOILERS


1h 16min
This episode may contain explicit content.

Welcome to Godzilla vs Kong review chat! We also have a brief discussion on ep 4 of + Invincible. FULL SPOILERS for everything, timestamps are just below - LET'S GO!

00:00:00 - intro

00:01:42 - invincible ep 4 mini review chat (Spoilers)

00:16:58 - godzilla vs kong main review chat

01:13:04 - outro

This episode features Wyatt Layne's Invincible theme synthwave cover - listen to the full track, and all of Wyatt's other great music here - 

For a full blown Invincible episode 4 chat head over to our friends, The Invincible Podcast - 

Godzilla vs Kong homework - 

Oh hey you're still here, thanks very much for tuning in! 

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We'll be back next time for another fun podcast.

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