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Ep:2, Basics of Diet Planning for Cricketer! Role of Carb, protein & fat in our diet & their sources

The Arjun Roy Show - World's most valuable Cricket Podcast.

In this episode, of your favourite and World's most valuable Cricket podcast, called "The Arjun Roy Show", we would be discussing something about : 'Basics of diet planning for cricketers', this is episode 2 of the series, in which we discuss about Role of carbohydrate, protein and fat in the diet of a Cricketer; the different food items of each sources ,ie., Carbohydrate, protein and fat to be used in our daily life! ----------- I hope you enjoy this episode. DM me all your queries on Instagram and I will try to answer as many as possible, or if you have anything to share and want to be on the podcast as a guest.      Linkedin :-                         Arjun Roy --------------- Okay, so who is Arjun Roy and why should you listen to him? My name is Arjun Roy, an engineering student turned Cricketer, now also a Sports nutrition Coach, and a Digital Marketing Practitioner. Through this podcast, I would be sharing everything that I learn and apply in my life as a Cricketer. I will also be sharing all my knowledge and experience as a sports nutrition coach to help cricketers eat according to their game and improve their performance drastically. I will also be bringing guests such as successful Cricketers, cricket coaches, fitness trainers, physio, phycologists, sports doctors, entrepreneurs, marketers and many others, to share their inspiring stories and learnings to help us become a better cricketer, or make a successful career around cricket.        Disclaimer :-  All the information contained in these video/audio/image/article are only for educational purposes. The author and anyone related to our team is not responsible for direct or indirect serious damage of anybody or anything, caused by applying information contained in these content. Because everyone and their situation is different, so no general advice can be given. So, apply all the information at your own risk, and always take professional personalised advice.

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