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Ep. 111 - The Random Show - Moab, Freedom, Bronco's, and Good People vs. Dicks

The ModernJeeper Show

1h 28min

Hello ModernJeepers, welcome to Episode 111 of The ModernJeeper Show… the show about Jeeps, Jeeping and Jeepers. 

It is a post Easter Jeep Safari world and Corey, Jessy and Matson are back at their mutual offices planning out the future.

In this random episode we talk about Freedom, Matson’s sleep study, the greatness that is Moab, Thelma & Louise Point, having an express line for the CTI, lousy Moab food vs. great Moab food, the Dixie Vendor Show, crawling under a Bronco, showing up fashionably late, being friends with awesome companies, good people vs. dicks, ModernJeeper Adventures, Jeep Beach, and fighting for Land Use.

And Corey lays in on BFG and why you should protect what you know from greedy, inconsiderate corporations.  

As always, we are extremely grateful to our good friends and supporters including Warn Winches, Raceline Wheels, Bestop, Milestar Tires, Rugged Radios, Adventure Rack Systems, and, of course, Metalcloak.

So, sit back, relax with a cold one, and enjoy Episode 111 of The ModernJeeper Show…  

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