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One Year In

Teaching in Higher Ed


Bonni Stachowiak reflects on learnings as we cross the year COVID mark on episode 356 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast.

Quotes from the episode

Reflection is such an important part of our process as teachers.
-Bonni Stachowiak

I had no idea what was in store.
-Bonni Stachowiak

We have witnessed immense inequities.
-Bonni Stachowiak

While there have been so many difficult aspects, there have also been many discoveries.
-Bonni Stachowiak

I have witnessed incredible lessons of independence.
-Bonni Stachowiak

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Playlist for Trying Times (Kirk Hamilton from Strong Songs, Paul Simon, Aretha Franklin, Seal, The Cardigans, Nina Simone)
RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni Stachowiak

RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni Stachowiak

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RECOMMENDED BY:Bonni Stachowiak

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