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Tiila Abbitt of Aether Beauty - No Compromise

Beauty Is Your Business


Tiila Abbitt loves to create “firsts”, like her self-funded company Aether Beauty (the world's first zero-waste makeup product, winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards for 2021, a pretty big deal). And  -- she simply doesn’t compromise. Tiila has  proven you don’t have to sacrifice efficacy or payoff to create a clean and natural brand with good intent. On the podcast "Then What?", she joins Lahari Neelapareddy to share how she built a fast growing company on a shoestring budget; why she’s opening up the company to the public; the importance of understanding infrastructure and materials sourcing; and the worst thing a brand can do in trying to become sustainable. Plus, what happened in Tiila’s “Then What” moment, when she faced the reality of the pandemic, with every door of her biggest retail partner closing --  indefinitely.

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