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Pillow Story | What to Look for in a Pillow

Dear Alice | Interior Design

In this episode we discuss how to create a great pillow story. A pillow story is a combination of pillows that you put on your sofa or sectional in conjunction with what you also put on your chairs, such as what is the formula to use, what you’re going to be looking for, and what not to buy. We discuss what sizes, tones, and types of pillows you should have in your living spaces, but also what you should not have and the mistake many people make when buying a new couch.

What is a pillow story? 0:39
How we do it 1:30
Important tip 2:46
Starting in the corners 4:30
Tone and color 7:29
Key components when shopping for pillows 9:42

“I recently have liked having matching pillows. I’ve got 24 inch pillows in the corners, and then in the front are 22 inch, and it’s like twins. It just looks really edited right now, that’s my vibe. I mix it up sometimes, like my living room I have 3 pillows that are different. They all have the same tones in them.” 7:03
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