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H&LD E32 - Cruse Aarhus: Head Coach of Immortal Athletics Wrestling Club

Headlocks & Lateral Drops

1h 47min
This episode may contain explicit content.
H&LD E32 w/ Cruse Aarhus: Olympic Trials Breakdown (00:01:20). JB loss breaks me (00:06:23). Women’s wrestling shows it is here to STAY and they are leveling UP (00:14:55). No need for rule changes just consistency in making calls is needed (00:22:50). Favorite current Team USA athletes and foreign competitors (00:27:20). Coach Cruse had no choice but to wrestle (00:41:30). Never be a day you don’t do something to get better (00:45:00). Being a 103 lb Senior (00:47:47). Picking to be a Northern Iowa Panther (00:53:00). Bulking before bulking was cool (00:59:00). Transitioning from college athlete to PWC athlete to PWC coach (01:01:50). Starting Immortal Athletics Wrestling Club (01:11:05). The benefits of still being connected to a university as a club coach (01:15:45). Making wrestling accessible to all by simply agreeing with IAWC 3 core philosophies (01:21:22). Stay in shape all the time (01:24:20). The purpose of making small challenges (01:34:00). Feed your kids when they’re hungry and only focus on the kids who are there (01:38:00).

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