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EP 500: E-scouting for Bears with Mark Livesay

The Rich Outdoors

1h 59min
This episode may contain explicit content.

Episode 500! How Crazy. Fitting that my good buddy Mark Livesay the e-scouting wizard be on for the big celebration. This week Mark and I cover some completely different e-scouting, scouting for spring bear. Even if you have no desire to hunt bear, some of the stuff we talk about can be flipped to find late season elk. Spring bear is right around the corner and I know I have been checking out new areas on my On X account.

The Treeline Academy e-scouting course will teach you to find hunting spots that actually have elk right from the comfort of your home. On top of that Mark’s e-scouting course will teach you to be a more successful hunter by showing you how to organize hunts, with hunt plans, backup plans, and really how to be for more prepared for that trip of the year or trip of your life. With 30 hours of modules this is by far and away the most valuable asset you can give yourself. The ability to read maps, terrains, and areas like a seasoned pro. I promise you this is an invest in elk hunting abilities. Head over to sign up for the e-scouting course and prepare to be completely blown away at the amount of knowledge Mark is going to bring you. Use the TRO code to save $20 of your course.

Show Notes: 
Intro – The E-Scouting Master – 02:08
Calling in Bears & a Great Story – 10:37
Choosing a Unit & Areas: In Full – 32:52
E-Scouting for Bears Overview – 39:58
*Pro Tip for Mapping & Snow – 45:34
Snow Levels, Feed, & Mapping Tools – 53:21
Bear Fat, Tips, & Uses, + Diet & Taste – 1:09:26
Terrain, Temp, Slopes, & Elevation – 1:22:16
Closing Thoughts – 1:54:00
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