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Korea 24 - 2021.04.08

KBS WORLD Radio Korea 24

Korea24 – 2021.04.08. (Thursday)

- News Briefing: Korea’s ruling party was dealt a harsh defeat in the by-elections for mayoral seats in South Korea’s two largest cities Seoul and Busan, which were taken by the PPP’s Oh Se-hoon and Park Heong-joon. The Democratic Party’s leadership has resigned to take responsibility for the loss. (Koo Heejin)

In-Depth News Analysis: Law professor Cho Hee-kyung of Hong-ik University and affiliate professor Kim Byung-joo of Hankuk University of Foreign Studies analyze Korea’s shifting political landscape ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

Korea Trending with Lee Ju-young: A law that came into effect a year ago, aimed at reducing traffic accidents in school zones, is less effective than expected(‘민식이법 1년’ 여전히 위태로운 스쿨존…CCTV는 빈 깡통), Japan appears set to release treated radioactive water from Fukushima into the ocean(日, 이르면 13일 후쿠시마 오염수 해양방출 결정), and the investigation into golf legend Tiger Woods’ recent car crash comes to an end(“타이거 우즈 교통사고 원인은 ‘과속’…최고 140km”).

- Explore Korea: Allison Needels from travel/history/culture blog Moon Bear Travel introduces the life and legacy of Admiral Yi Sun Shin, a Joseon naval commander and master tactician who is memorialized at sites in Yeosu, Tongyeong and downtown Seoul.

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