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Pressure on Dak, 49ers, KD's return, Josh Allen vs. Mahomes, Lakers, Packers vs. Rams

Speak For Yourself

1h 32min

00:00 Should Dak Prescott feel pressure next season?

17:05 Would the 49ers be making a mistake drafting Jimmy G’s replacement?

30:18 What does KD’s return mean for the rest of the NBA?

44:13 Is Josh Allen the best QB in the AFC not named Mahomes?

58:56 Who’s under more pressure next season: Dak or Mike McCarthy?

1:10:14 Convinced the Lakers will roll through the West when LeBron and AD return?

1:18:23 Biggest threat to the Bucs in the NFC: Packers or Rams?

1:21:30 Does Dak Prescott have the best weapons in football?1:26:45 Where should AB want to play next season?

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