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The Resonance Test 63: Brad Scrivner of Vast Bank

The EPAM Continuum Podcast Network

It’s tough to build trust in the digital age. Customers seek the kind of high-quality experiences one gets with, say, Amazon—and this means that many non-Amazonian industries need to rethink their operations. Brad Scrivner, President and CEO of Vast Bank and our guest on *The Resonance Test,* gets at this when he says, “Changing is a challenge” and admits that financial services “may be slower to adapt... than some other industries have been.” In this episode, Scrivner and Jim Kearney, Managing Principal in the Financial Services Consulting Practice at EPAM, deposit some worthwhile thoughts about how the pandemic changed Vast Bank’s approach to customer experience, conversational commerce, and how family banking has evolved. Scrivner talks about the influence *Unlocking the Customer Value Chain* had on him and explains how he get customers comfortable with the notion of digital assets. “Vast Bank owns the digital wallet, which would be the equivalent of the safety deposit box,” he says. When customers purchase cryptocurrency, it will “sit inside that digital wallet and the banking infrastructure and all of our partners are going to protect that asset for you.” Listen to Scrivner and you’ll learn a vast amount about what it means to lead a financial services organization today. Bank on it! Host: Kenji Ross Engineer: Kyp Pilalas Producer: Ken Gordon

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