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Ep 30 - Believe It! 30th Anniversary Special: Naruto vs. Sasuke!

Believe It! A Naruto Podcast

1h 37min
This episode may contain explicit content.

It's the historic 30th episode of Believe It! and it's time for an iconic duel. No, it's not Duncan vs. Liam... or Dom vs. Steven. Naruto and Sasuke finally have their long-awaited anime battle, and the hosts speak on it for about 10 minutes total. In true Believe It! fashion, ghosts of classic goofs make their triumphant return. 

Duncan realizes he may have been hexed. Liam's always getting ghoulish. Dom has problems with hand-wings. Kt has an impeccable aura. 

Thanks for supporting our dumb show for 30 straight weeks! Believe It!  


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