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Episode 16: Cereal Mascots

Retro Renegades Pop Culture Power Hour

2h 9min
This episode may contain explicit content.

Nothing beat a nice big bowl of sugary goodness on a Saturday morning back in the day... but what exactly made you select the cereal you consumed? Sometimes it was fruity flavors or marshmallow content, other times it was the prize in the box, but often times it was a catchy jingle that was heard on an entertaining commercial featuring one of many animated mascots that stuck in your head as you headed down aisle 4 in the grocery store. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite breakfast choices and the history and fun facts about the mascots. Follow your nose down the magical rainbow and join us for our cereal show... it's Grrrrrrr-eat! (Cory still has no clue what Quisps are)

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