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How I Recovered From Covid-19 in 2 Days

Matrix Breakers


After multiple friends in my proximity tested positive for Covid-19 I was almost certain that when I began feeling body aches a few days later that I was exposed as well. Did I freak out and go to the doctor? No. I simply did what I was prepared to do in the case that I got Covid and that was to provide my body with every possible element of healing in order to recover. In this episode I detail exactly what I did and what I took in order to end the replication of the virus, limit symptoms to only body aches and fatigue, and to generate the anti-bodies for my body to learn how to fight covid in the future. 

Here's a list of the supplements I mentioned on the podcast:

Tangy Tangerine (Multi-Mineral & Vitamin Complex) 

Zradical (Fucoidan Extract) 

PollenBurst (Energy Product)

Colloidal Silver 

Zinc (Anti-viral nutrient) 

KillerBiotic (Immune System Formula) 

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