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Permaculture Disc Golf Country Club with Justin Dolan

The Regenerative Real Estate Podcast

1h 2min

Living in Costa Rica close to the beach in a tropical paradise is a dream many people have, but seldom pursue. That's not the case for Justin Dolan, the visionary and developer behind St. Michael's Sustainable Community.

Justin's story is nothing short of incredible. After sustaining a debilitating injury while on the job as a police officer, Justin turned to real estate as a path forward. First it was buying a cheap property he could afford in order to build a wheelchair ramp and fix up the rest of the place, to then repeating the process of buy-renovate-live-sell in order to build up a nest egg.

From there he bought a 100-acre defunct golf course property in Costa Rica. The transformation that has happened personally and to the property is nothing short of amazing. Justin found a deep love for permaculture, green building, and ecology and began to build houses and the soil while cultivating an impressive range of edible and medicinal plant species.

The golf course had to go since they are notorious sites of ecological disaster. Justin instead opted for a less destructive recreational sport, disc golf, which he found integrated in nicely with the overall property.

A permaculture country club with a pool, nurseries and gardens, food forests, and an eco-village is truly a one-of-a-kind real estate projects in the world. Tune in for this fascinating episode and check out Justin's work!

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