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Babe Can You Turn That Down Please??

Pop Music For Smart People

This episode may contain explicit content.

In this episode I feature two groups who my husband is always asking me to turn down the volume on because I have to listen to their music very loudly. They are ASL and Haiku Hands. ASL is a group comprised of six pop music songwriters and producers who accidentally formed the pop group during a songwriting session. Haiku Hands is a trio of three Australian ladies who combine pop music, dance and visual content to create truly unique and catchy pop anthems. You are gonna want to turn this episode all the way up because these songs are guaranteed to have you up and dancing!! I also talk about Exit/In a venue I have featured on the show before in Nashville, TN because there is a chance they will be shut down. If you can donate to their GoFundMe to keep them open that would be amazing as they are a staple in the live music scene in Nashville. Also the show has fun merch and I am creating new designs every week so go get you some and show of your love of Pop Music For Smart People. Please follow the show on our social media platforms our handle is @popmusicforsmartpeople on all but twitter where it is @popmusicforsma1. If you like the show please go give us a good rating and review on Apple podcasts or Podchaser so we can get the show out there to more listeners. Thanks Y'all!!

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