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Lt. Col. Brandon Newell on The Future of 5G

News Items Podcast with John Ellis


Here are the news items:

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon sent out his annual letter to shareholders, and in it he warns that fintech firms pose big risks – not only to traditional banks' business model but also to the American economy itself.

A Thomas Edsall column looks at the perception of many white voters that they are on their way to minority status and analyzes how that might affect upcoming elections.

Peter Thiel says Bitcoin may be "a Chinese financial weapon against the U.S."

The percentage of Americans using YouTube is way higher than any other social media platform. 

A new study finds that feeding malnourished children in a way that helps develop the microbiome leads to more weight gain.

PLUS: Rebecca interviews Lieutenant Colonel Brandon Newell, the director of the Naval X SoCal TechBridge, about the future of 5G.

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