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My Big Break with Gerry Strauss - Indy Star Sassy Stephie

VOC Nation Wrestling Network


It's all in the VOC family on this episode of My Big Break as Gerry chats with Wrestling vet and host of "Talkin' Sass", SASSY STEPH! She reveals all about her journey from bowling alley DJ to ring warrior as part of SHIMMER Wrestling and a generation of women's wrestling that would set the stage for the phenomenal action that we see on a global level today. From family life to creating an entirely new podcast-driven chapter to her career, the Sassy one reveals all on this week's "My Big Break!"

Maintaining a connection with fans with her "Talkin' Sass" show on VOC Nation

Navigating a wrestling career after moving to Canada

Why her personal experiences with many of her guests makes her show so unique

Breaking into wrestling as a ring announcer

How male classmates and trainers treated her while learning the in-ring ropes

The significance of SHIMMER in her wrestling career and it's impact on today's industry

Thoughts on the success of peers like Mercedes Martinez and Sara Del Ray

  • Possibilities of an in-ring comeback

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