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Greece 2.0 looks to transform the economy. Does it go far enough?

The Greek Current


Greece 2.0 will mark the largest inflow of funds that Greece has ever seen, with some observers pointing out that it may be more important even than the Marshall Plan was for Greece. While this plan aims to offer a blueprint for Greece’s transformation into a greener and more efficient economy, there are skeptics who ask whether the plan goes far enough. There is also speculation about early elections in September, where the government is likely to lean on Greece 2.0 in any election campaign.

John Psaropoulos, an independent journalist based in Athens and Al Jazeera’s southeast Europe correspondent, joins The Greek Current with his analysis.

Read John Psaropoulos’s piece in Al Jazeera here: Greece 2.0 seeks to transform the economy. Does it go far enough?

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