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S3 E19: Voices In Union

nocrumbsleft table talks


In this episode, I sit down with three of my fellow food Instagrammers, Michelle from @nomnompaleo who is Chinese American, Alice from @hipfoodiemom who is Korean American, and ChihYu from @iheartumami.ny who is Taiwanese American. It was such an important conversation, in light of the unthinkable level of racially motivated violence Asian Americans are experiencing in addition to decades of micro-aggressions and xenophobia. They share their own stories from a very vulnerable place, and I was honored to be a part of this heartfelt and deeply personal level of sharing about current events as well as what it was like to be an Asian American child growing up in the United States and living in a predominantly white area. Please take a moment to give this unique episode a listen and learn how to help. Find out the Five Ds of intervention by @ihollagram and how to use our collective voices to educate and illuminate. Let’s do this.

In addition, I feel so grateful that Michelle @nomnompaleo took the time to compile a list of resources for those looking to learn, grow, and make a difference right now. Absolutely set aside some time to click here, check them out, and share.

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