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NASA JPL's Chris Mattmann on ML applications on Earth, Mars, and beyond

Gradient Dissent - A Machine Learning Podcast by W&B

Chris shares some of the incredible work and innovations behind deep space exploration at NASA JPL and reflects on the past, present, and future of machine learning. --- Chris Mattman is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where he focuses on organizational innovation through technology. He's worked on space missions such as the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 and Soil Moisture Active Passive satellites. Chris is also a co-creator of Apache Tika, a content detection and analysis framework that was one of the key technologies used to uncover the Panama Papers, and is the author of "Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition" and "Tika in Action". Connect with Chris: Twitter: Personal website: --- Timestamps: 0:00 Sneak peek, intro 0:52 On Perseverance and Ingenuity 8:40 Machine learning applications at NASA JPL 11:51 Innovation in scientific instruments and data formats 18:26 Data processing levels: Level 1 vs Level 2 vs Level 3 22:20 Competitive data processing 27:38 Kerbal Space Program 30:19 The ideas behind "Machine Learning with Tensorflow, Second Edition" 35:37 The future of MLOps and AutoML 38:51 Machine learning at the edge Transcription: Links Discussed: Perseverance and Ingenuity: Data processing levels at NASA: OCO-2: "Machine Learning with TensorFlow, Second Edition" (2020): "Tika in Action" (2011): --- Get our podcast on these platforms: Apple Podcasts:​​ Spotify:​ Google Podcasts:​​ YouTube:​​ Soundcloud:​ Join our community of ML practitioners where we host AMAs, share interesting projects and meet other people working in Deep Learning:​​ Check out our Gallery, which features curated machine learning reports by researchers exploring deep learning techniques, Kagglers showcasing winning models, industry leaders sharing best practices, and more:

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