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238 | Should we expect more long-term thinking of our fundraising experts?

The Fundraising Talent Podcast


Now that we are seeing light at the end of tunnel, it is a good time to begin thinking about how we can better prepare ourselves for the next unforeseeable event. Like it or not, this doesn’t mean investing in anyone’s promises to predict the future nor does it mean counting on someone else to create a rainy day fund for us. This was the conversation I had with Cherian today and I appreciated his take on how we might convince more in our space to think further ahead rather than being so focused on the immediate and short-term.

For example, rather than expecting foundations to provide cover when the world gets messy, we should start thinking about creating some serious reserves of our own. To get us moving in that direction, every expert out there should be expected to include cathedral thinking in their lexicon of buzzwords. Rather than merely offering yet another gimmick for patching holes in this year’s budget, our experts need to be encouraging conversations about goals that can’t be achieved in the next five years and for which no one’s overly-inflated ego can take credit for.

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