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This is WHY You’re Not Hearing Your Angels! Grow Your Wings and Vibrate Higher with Michael Sandler

Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler


Today marks my Birthday, celebrating the day I died and was reborn 15 years ago.

In this episode you will hear a little bit more about my cycling accident 15 years ago that could have been one leg movement wrong from my life ending for good. Instead, that day I was reborn as a new Michael. You’ll learn how to grow your wings and be reborn into your truest angelic self!

A Michael filled with LOVE, PRESENCE and CONNECTION to MY ANGELS.

The truth is we ALL have our own angels guiding us, talking to us and helping us, it’s a matter of knowing how to connect with them to attune to their guidance.

Tune in and learn the steps on how you too can connect with your ANGELS, your inner GOD, Vibrate HIGHER, LOVE MORE and Unleash your INNER ANGEL.

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