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Will Fasting Help Me Lose Weight? with Marc David

The Psychology of Eating Podcast

11min Are you ready to transform your relationship with food in a lasting and meaningful way? What if you could help others find the path to greater freedom and joy with food as well?   Will Fasting Help Me Lose Weight?   Yes! But probably not for the reason you may think. In today’s episode, we take a closer look at fasting, why it is good for your body, and why it may not be the best method for long-term weight loss.   Highlights:   What I've observed over the years is that there is a subset of people who, when they reduce their caloric intake via dieting or fasting, do indeed lose weight. But guess what? The human body cannot sustain itself for very long on a deficiency in calories and nutrition.   What many people experience is that they can indeed fast, indeed lose weight, but they tend to gain it right back.   Fasting can provide the kind of detoxification that allows our metabolism to shift to a more normal and healthy state. Research has shown that liver detoxification can lead to weight loss.   When fasting, we're generally eliminating the most common food allergens that smart clinicians will notice can cause weight loss resistance.    Fasting can create a potent and powerful state of being that is not just about shedding pounds. It's about cleaning out the mind. It's about detoxifying ourselves of harmful thoughts and outdated beliefs about who we are.    Fasting is a practice that dates back to biblical times, but what are the practical applications for modern living? Join Marc David, founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, for this eye-opening episode that explores the real purpose of fasting, and what we can reasonably expect from introducing this practice into our lives.   Have questions?  We’re here to help! Leave your questions in the comments below, or contact us directly:

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