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Episode 99 - Automated Mitigation

Iron Sysadmin Podcast

1h 36min
Welcome to Episode 99 Main Topic Announcements
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  • Folks are falling into the new Tiers,  Thank you! 
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  • Upcoming guest : Alex from the Self Hosted Podcast.
  • Charles on Apple Podcasts - I enjoy listening to you all. Please keep it up. 🍻
  • Apparently, there’s a group of Red Hatters that listen to us semi-regularly. Which is nice.
  • [Nate] - More 3d printer tinkering.  Switched to PETG, got a PEI build plate. It’s magical.
  • [unclemarc] My 3D printer is back! Some re-engineering happened by Monoprice.
  • [Charles] I read Shattered Sword, an English-language account of the Battle of Midway that draws heavily on Japanese archival sources.

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