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Episode 340 - Building A Sweater

Knit Picks' Podcast


An all too familiar knitting crossroad - does one I knit a sweater or not. While sweaters can seem intimidating if you've never done one before  chances are, once you've made one, it's likely you'll make another.

On today's episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, Lee and Stacey do a deep dive into sweater construction. Whether you're new to sweaters or have been making them for years, you'll likely enjoy this "nerdy" sweater conversation. 

First they catch up by discussing what's on their needles. Both Lee and Stacey are making patterns for our latest Knit Picks Collections. Lee even shares her latest yarn substitution and talks about color selection.

From pullover and cardigans, to seamed vs seamless, Stacey and Lee review the various styles and constructions of sweaters. Stacey asks the question - what does the word "sweater" mean to you? Is a cardigan a sweater? Together, the two ponder fashion philosophy and ask you to weigh in.   

In the second half, the two ruminate different sweater collars, sleeves, and shapes. Cowl neck vs. turtle necks, boat vs crew, and more, they define some terms to help clarify what you might see in a pattern. Stacey loves a good scoop neck where Lee prefers to adapt necklines for varying situations.

Happy Knitting!

Pullover Sweater:

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Timestamps:0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 0:24 "What's on your needles?" 6:52 Let's talk about sweater construction 7:56 "What does the word "sweater" mean to you?" 11:36 Favorite type of construction - seamed vs seamless, top down vs bottom up? 13:21 Raglan defined 16:31 Other shaping - set in sleeves 19:47 Heather and Producer Sarah talk about what's new at Knit Picks  21:53 Lee and Stacey are back with more sweater talk 22:15 Shapes of sweaters 24:08 What's your favorite for pull over sweaters 26:57 Sweater shaping 28:59 Saddle shoulder 32:43 Drop shoulder 35:56 Dolman sleeves 44:39 Credits

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