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RNN158 - Underwater Acoustics with Hilary Jaffe (2021)

Reef News Network

1h 13min

Public Aquarium update, Self decapitating sea slugs, and Underwater Acoustics with Guest host Hilary Jaffe All that and more on episode #158 of the Reef News Network! RNN Listener Coupon Codes: Marine Depot 10% off your order REEFNEWS Reef Kinetics - $50 off ReefBot RKLOVESRNN Show Watch 2021 Reef-A-Palooza: Orlando - May 15/16 New York - June 26/27 California - August 21/22 Chicago - October 16/17 MACNA - September 3, 2021 - September 5, 2021 Aquashella: Orlando - June 12/13 Chicago - August 14/15 Dallas - October 30/31 Powered By: Fritz Aquatics: ReefBreeders: Sicce: Media Partners: ReefHacks: Bahama Llama Coral: Reef2Reef: News: Hilary: Self Decapitating 2 types Sacoglossen (Elysia sp.) Sea Slugs! Defense mechanism against parasites. Head pops off and regens a body in 7-22 days, the discarded body eventually dies and this process can happen multiple times. Peter: The CoralVue Hydros Wireless Feeder is a new aquarium tool that delivers both convenience and a very attractive price. Remy's Bahama Llama Tip of the Week: Nitrates Main Topic: Sound is all around us including and especially underwater. Over 800 species of fish use sound to communicate, to help in finding food, in reproduction displays, and to show aggression, but some of those things are being dampened. The oceans have become an increasingly noisy place and all that sound is changing how fish and other ocean animals relate to their surroundings. There have been studies looking at the impacts of sound in the wild and even in freshwater ornamental species, but there has been limited work done on ornamental saltwater species. How does the equipment we use on our tanks and ambient noise from where they are located impact them? Waterlogged VCA Video: 2021 Underwater Sound Literature Review: 2004 Goldfish Noise-induced stress study: 2012 Goldfish Study (Pond and Aquarium Filters): 2018 Zebrafish Classical Music: Outro: Please like our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as subscribe to the Podcast Reef News Network: Reef News Road Trip: . Instagram: ReefNewsNetwork Hashtags to follow #ReefNewsNetwork , #RNN , #RNNnation Listener Calls: Go to: click the tab on the right side of the page to leave us a voicemail. Reviews/Ratings: Reviews and Ratings help us reach new heights and continue to produce quality content, let us know how we are doing.

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