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146: Conscious Social Media – A 7-Step Guided Journey Into What Really Matters

Woke & Wired - Expanded Consciousness and Entrepreneurship


When it comes to social media, it’s an abundant world of strategies, tips and tools out there.

Some questions I get the most are:

  • Should I do more Instagram Reels?
  • How much energy should I give to TikTok?
  • How often should I post on Instagram?
  • What platform is the best for my offerings? 
  • How do I make sure my followers turn into customers?

There are a million strategies that could get you there, but only ONE that actually matters, makes a difference, and offers you a grounded peace of mind along the way.

The energetic realm of your relationship with social media is what actually defines how you show and and allow yourself to be seen.

Sometimes we can put it into words and work with it (like we do in the Conscious Social Media Program), and sometimes its power is wordless. 

What’s the access to this portal of a relationship with social media that’s full of miracles? The answer is in becoming present to the energy behind how you show up and the consciousness that you transfer via wifi.

It’s also about your “why” and your willingness to be a conduit for what’s meant to come through.

This guided spoken word journey will create space for miracles in how you connect to your medicine and express it in the world through the digital realm. 

The possibilities are infinite. The only requirement is to receive it with an open heart.

Are you ready?

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