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The Black Widow #3 - Bad F--king Sex pt. 2

Black Widow Podcast

This episode may contain explicit content.
In this episode, we find out that Abby wasn't telling the complete truth when Alex talks to Eric. There is only but so much disrespect a man can take! Abby showed up to the hotel all about sex but wasn't tactful in her approach. Listen to see how Alex put his spin on the same dialogue.

Would you all like to hear more from a man's perspective? Leave a comment and tell me how you feel about the episode!

Maurice Hunt - Alex

Brooklyn Genae - Abby

Written by Eric Dizzy

Produced by Eric Dizzy

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Music by

Club scenes are recorded at Illusions Bar and Grill by @iamEricDizzy.
Hotel Scene "The Lonely Ones" by @grrrreatdane
Phone sex scene "Yeah You" by @iamkingsis

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