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ALIEN (1979) Episode 2 | The Unsung Legacy of Dan O'Bannon, Part III

Cinema Shock

1h 51min
This episode may contain explicit content.

In Part 1 of our big double episode on ALIEN, we traced the film’s journey as a simple concept that was discussed by Dan O’Bannon and John Carpenter during the production of DARK STAR to its procurement by 20th Century Fox and the involvement of writer/producer Walter Hill.

When we left off, a young up-and-coming director by the name of Ridley Scott had been hired as the film’s director. In this episode, we’ll discuss the casting and production, as well as the enduring legacy of the film.

And we’ll figure out… just how did ALIEN’s success affect the future career of Dan O’Bannon?

NOTE: Due to the sheer amount of information out there about ALIEN, we've decided to do something different and split this into two episode. Be sure to listen to episode 1 of our ALIEN discussion before listening to this one! You can find it here or on any of your favorite podcast apps!


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Theme Song: "There's Still a Little Bit of Time, If We Hurry and I Mean Hurry" by Slasher Film Festival Strategy.

This episode was written, produced and edited by Gary Horne, Justin Bishop, & Todd Davis.

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