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H&LD E33 - Alex Dolly: The Irishman

Headlocks & Lateral Drops

1h 33min
This episode may contain explicit content.
H&LD E33 w/ Alex Dolly: The movers, the shakers and the retirers (00:00:34). Alex Dolly didn’t win a single match for 3 years and how an Olympian inspired his career (00:07:20). Getting placed with a kid on house arrest during his official visit (00:15:15). Overcoming major neck injury (00:20:25). Medical redshirt finally granted (00:29:30). Wrestling for Team Ireland (00:34:00). Running the gauntlet trying to qualify for the Olympic Games (00:42:00). “You’re going to travel the world and see nothing.” (00:47:37). A recruiting trip to the British Open (00:50:00). The ExperienceS of each World Championships (00:52:40). Anointing the blood boy as his coach (01:00:47). Leaving the business of college wrestling to the head man of a 6-person high school team (01:09:00). Didn’t drill or wrestle with a single wrestler all season (01:16:30). Ladies’ wrestling is fricking good! (01:27:40). Dolly’s parting advice (01:30:50).

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