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THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO ....with Russ Dizdar
1h 1min

D THE PHENOM OF SRA 1. Breaking out and getting help The voices, missing time, flash backs, memories, blocked memories ‘normal’ not normal 2. Evidence of SRA a. Parts alters…. home and created b. Coven loyal alters c. Demons d. Satanic knowledge e. Satanic abilities f. Twilight language g. Voices in the head h. Flash dreams horrific pictures i. Missing time j. Parents 10 From THE LIVE RAGGED EDGE RADIO BROADCAST/SHATTER LIVE TV WEBINAR RUSS DIZDAR © k. Children l. The web around them m. The real reason for there existence Satanic Chosen Ones (NON SRA DID) l. Other abuse m. Manufactured ‘The proof is in the pudding’

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