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Episode 9: The Creative Writing Teacher...The Writer: Dr. Pat Wilk

The Stolen Hours Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Wilk shares wonderful insights into the art of teaching writing, but more so how "...all those things for which there are no words, are lost."  Listen in to hear Wilk's life stories through her readings of her original poems and this spoken word account of it all. Hear about the timid goat she befriended in her youth, the story of the NJ Diner in transit that she witnessed as she commuted home from school on Rt. 287 South,  how cleaning a knife reminds her of one of the greatest loves of her life, and how a star stamp inspired a series of events that led to a small town being showered by hundreds of poorly written essays that were cherished as keepsakes from the heavens by the townspeople.  In this recording Dr. Wilk and I collaborate once again as we did back in the days of our Documentary for Social Change class, a course that encouraged our students to tell their own stories, using multiple forms of media, in an authentic manner, and brought out the best in the both of us.

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