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5 Tips For An Organized Home (With Kids!)

The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast


Tips for an organized home with kids


Staying on top of tidiness can be stress-inducing, time-sucking, and never-ending. If it seems as though your home never looks or feels the way you want it, know that maintaining an organized space with kids is hard work, but it’s possible.

This week, I speak with professional organizer Elise Hay. Elise believes there’s only one way to have a tidy home with children, and that’s to have the support of each and every family member. Elise is on the show to divulge the strategies she uses in her own home to create an organized sanctuary with children in tow.

No children? No problem: Elise’s ideas work for kid-less listeners, too.

Here’s a preview of this week’s episode:

[5:15] The top two tips for an organized home with kids

[9:15] Tidying 101: Where to start and what to have on-hand

[12:00] How and why to use drop baskets

[16:45] Ways to both engage kids in the organizing process and get them excited about caring for their shared home (plus: why we shouldn’t clean up after our children)

[21:30] The genius behind Not Done Spaces

[26:30] Should kids have toys in their bedrooms? Elise weighs in



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