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Vibes in action #9 - Stop stratching like that!

Vibes in Action #1 - A new wellbeing paradigm starring YOU


Reaching the tips of your toes while bending forward has become an unbearable challenge. Simple movements like looking up or turning your head create annoying tension in your neck, shoulders and/or upper spine. Well, you have probably got a problem with your flexibility.  Maybe what you need is to attend a stretching class, trying to achieve the highest possible level of flexibility? Well, it’s not that simple: Truth be told, this choice could be a mistake for your wellbeing. If you want to make the most of your flexibility routine and  wish to avoid any risk of injury, this episode is for you!



Movement Specialist - Osteopath DO - Founder of Functional Vibes 



Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook: Davide Fiori

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