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Artificial Intelligence

Macrodosing: Arian Foster and PFT Commenter

1h 35min
This episode may contain explicit content.
On today's episode of Macrodosing, our Barstool HQ genius Quigs joins the show and the crew talks the positives and negatives to artificial intelligence. Are our phones listening to everything we say? Has neuralink already been used on Elon Musk? Find out all on the show. Enjoy! 2:00 Quigs joins the show 5:45 What is artificial intelligence 12:00 Big T TikTok time 14:00 To fear the humans or the robots 17:15 How will the algorithms become smarter than the people who created them 25:30 Deep fakes, All technology evolves through porn 33:30 Robot juries 37:00 Are we living in a simulation 1:00:00 Can AI create better art than we can 1:08:00 What if we just turned off the internet 1:10:00 Cannibalism 1:14:00 Would it be a positive or negative to have everyone be able to watch all your memories 1:18:00 Do not send Arian baby pictures or Christmas cards 1:20:00 Single Player Theory 1:28:00 Free will 1:33:00 Roko’s Basilisk

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