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260: Weight Loss Won’t Fix Your Poor Body Image (But Here’s What Will)

Nourishing Women Podcast


Here’s some honest truth: Weight changes are likely the #1 challenge of choosing to become an intuitive eater. And for most of us? We believe weight loss will give us better body image, when it truly never will.

Sit and think about it: any time you’ve reached your “goal” weight did it feel like enough? Did you feel satisfied with your body? Or did it make you feel even worse? Want to keep going, “just another 5 lb?” Did you treat your body with more or less respect when you reached the elusive goal body you set for yourself?

More likely than not, the answer is that you felt even worse then.  Because how our bodies look isn’t actually what creates positive or negative body image. It’s our thought patterns and how we treat our bodies that do.

So if we can work to instead focus on the real outcomes of better body image, you can hold space for your desire to lose weight but not actively participate in these desires, giving you the ability to focus on the changes needed to get your period back, eat enough, and learn to make peace with food and your body. Listen to learn more!

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