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Episode 199 - Elevator to the Gallows

Classic Movie Reviews


Happy May the 4th!

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May the 4th be with you!


Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

"Elevator to the Gallows" 1958 is a French crime film directed by Louis Malle.  The musical score by Miles Davisis improvised and creates a haunting mood that adds beautifully to the drama.  The cinematography of Henri Decae is remarkable.

Jeanne Moreau is Florence Carala the wife of wealthy Simon Carala played by Jean Wall.  Florence has a lover Julien Tavernier played by Maurice Ronet and together they plot the perfect crime that goes horribly wrong.  Georges Poujouly as Louis and Yori Bertin as Veronique are the young couple whose aimless lives lead them down the highway to eventual disaster.  The film creates a nightscape that is realistic and inhabited by a beautiful woman surrounded by out of control events.

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