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After the Tragedy in Meron: Identifying the Bodies - The Tamar Yonah Show

Israel News Talk Radio

After interviewing eye witnesses in previous shows who were at the Lag B'Omer holiday celebrations at Mount Meron, this time, Tamar speaks with someone who shares with us what the general atmosphere was like when families had to identify the bodies of their loved ones. Tamar speaks with Rabbi Shlomo Katz from He was recently interviewed on CNN about the tragic event, but on this show, he shares with Tamar the details of the aftermath of the disaster. How he had to drive a friend to the morgue where families had to identify bodies, the unfathomable pain on their faces, the crying ...and yet, in spite of all the immense pain and bewilderment, he talks about the beauty of the people of Israel, and the holiness of this nation. The Tamar Yonah Show 04MAY2021 - PODCAST

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