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Fact and Fiction: Cool Runnings

Add More Mouse - Another Disney Podcast

Hey! Welcome to the Add More Mouse poddy cast, a show where two doofuses landlocked in Ohio with no access or insider news talk about Disney stuff. You found us! Today is the 3rd episode in a 4 ep miniseries called Fact and Fiction, wherein we look at a few movies in the Disney catalog that were “based on a true story,” and we take a look at just how accurate they are. In this episode we’re looking at a true Disney 90’s classic, Cool Runnings. Mike and Dave take you through what parts of this movie were taken from real life and which parts were invented for the screen. Were these characters real athletes? Did the coach of the real Jamaican bobsled team have a cheating scandal in his history? Why do they make it seem like running and bobsledding are part of the same olympics? Why is one of the characters named Yul Brynner? Was Jar Jar Binks based on Doug E Doug’s performance in this? Join us as we answer about half of those questions. Thanks for listening, and you can email the show at --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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