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The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is...Everything! (5/4/21)

The Newsmax Daily with Rob Carson

1h 12min

- Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Dems continue to stoke fear with irrational COVID lockdowns and mask policies

- A California woman goes on an epic, racist rants after being pulled over by a hispanic police officer

- The C.I.A.’s new "woke" recruitment advertisement has the country and world laughing at us

- The people who have either lied or backtracked the most on COVID insist that we all get vaccinated…”Trussst ussss...!”

- The real reason why our border is being overrun- Hint: it's not "climate change" or "extreme poverty" like our elusive VP says it is

- “The stupid dance” refuses to die in the district as Washington D.C. bans virus-laden dancing at weddings! 

- The radical BLM devotee who was a juror in the Derek Chauvin trial that went to a George Floyd rally in a BLM t-shirt before being selected!

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