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EPISODE ELEVEN: Unibang Fixation

Untitled Tallgeese Podcast

This episode may contain explicit content.

The wings of the tall-goose continue to flap as we brave episodes 21 and 22 of Gundam Wing. Today, we learn that Quatre has sisters—uncountable, unknowable sisters! Doctor Sisters, Lawyer Sisters, Never-Met-The-Boy-Before Sisters! Sisters sprouting from the soil, sisters flowing from the sea, sisters bursting in the air— oh, wait, sorry, that was his dad. We discuss our plans to eat the rich, represented by Quatre’s dad—but do we want to eat the rich politically or eat the rich erotically? Quatre’s battle with his father goes full Freud when we notice a central feature of Papa Space Baron’s appearance. We discuss the philosophy of colony life as narrated by Septum’s (do you remember Septum?) dad and his son [threatening voice] Gwinter. Then we break last episode’s ban on discussing Lady Une because, surprise surprise, she has once again misunderstood Treize’s religion (which is himself, but not in the way she thought). Wufei is also around doing things because of things. I support him! You go, Wufei! Both episodes end with mad cackling. For our fandom artifact, Caitlin took a field trip to a Gundam Wing collaboration event at cat-themed arcade/amusement park Namjatown and learned her love fortune.

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