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Episode 11: What Can I do to Help Sustainable Farming Survive?

Vibrant Life - Living a Holistic Lifestyle for Optimal Health


*if you have not listened to Episode 10, please go back and listen as it will provide the background for this one.

In this episode I mention several people with large followings that I would highly suggest you go follow and support as part of the “what to do”! Being part of these communities that these platforms have created as well as helping to grow the truth and spread understanding and awareness (even if it’s just to one person) is KEY!!!

Diana Rodgers: Creator of Sacred Cow (documentary + book)

Robb Wolf: has the podcast The Healthy Rebellion Radio with his wife Nikki Violetti Worked with Diana Rodgers on Sacred Cow

Paul Saladino, MD:

Metabolic Mike (Mike Mutzel)

Ali Miller RD

Chris Kresser


Mentioned in this episode also is a guest I will be hosting on my podcast soon, Joni Wilkinson, founder of Ones Purpose in Eugene, OR. This non-profit provides education + awareness about sex trafficking and also ongoing support and aftercare for sex trafficking survivors in OR. I am honored to be a volunteer for this amazing organization and invite you to learn more here:


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