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Episode 69: Pen therapy with Dr. Odd Oink

The Pentertainment Podcast

1h 16min
This episode may contain explicit content.
In this episode, I go back in time to give the Pen Kid Roy exposure to fountain pens and a word of advice. What pen would you give to your past self? Let us know by e-mailing   If you'd like to shop for a new pen or try to get Tom fired, head over to our retail sponsor, Goldspot Pens at    Use promo code ROY to get an additional 10% off throughout the Goldspot Pens store. *Excludes Sailor, Retro 51, Mont blanc, Visconti, Edison Pen Co., and TWSBI products.*

Be sure to check out the Platinum line of fountain pens dubbed "The President". Equipped with a 18 Karat gold nib, and has no political affiliation to boot. It's just named that because its very,,, executive-y... 

Yeah. I got good words. 

With Mother's Day, Father's Day, and graduation coming up, I know the first question on everyone's mind is, "will the PenBoyRoy officially licensed limited edition t-shirt still be in stock for gifting?" Yes. Yes, it will be. Be sure to order early and often as the moment I explode in popularity, I won't be able to keep these in stock anymore.

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