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Is God on Your Invite List: How to Make Sense of Our Hardships w/ Halima Jama

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Sometimes Allah (swt) wants a certain level of Jannah for someone and when their good deeds alone can't get them there, He gives them hardship.

These are such powerful words that I was fortunate enough to come across in a moment of need.  In today's episode, I sit down with Halima Jama to discuss how we can better focus our lens on the blessings threaded within our hardships, how we can include Allah in every aspect of our lives and how to trust the next chapter we are embarking on because Allah is the author.

Some silver linings can be much more difficult to find than others, but there is always goodness and khair in everything that we endure. Subhanallah, how Allah grants us the strength to face the most difficult of hardships in this dunya.

In this life, you will have moments where your face hurts from smiling too much, moments where your eyes can't shed anymore tears, tireless nights where you find yourself surrounded by darkness, moments that are memorable and others that you try your hardest to erase.

You will meet people who will love you deeply and others who will hurt you and may leave a scar behind, but through all of this, you will find that silver lining.

Know that through all of these moments, Allah is right there with you. So, ask for His guidance, pray for better days, soften your heart and open your eyes to the beauty in this dunya and the rewards of Allah's mercy.

As always, be gentle with one another. Most of us are going through something that we are choosing to only keep between us and our Creator. I only pray that Allah showers you with ease and patience.

I intentionally chose to keep this conversation as the last discussion of Ramadan. Halima Jama is someone who you will find yourself indebted to Allah for allowing you to cross paths with her. Her words always touch me and leave an imprint on my heart for more reasons than one.

She is a well known wedding photographer in Toronto, Canada and a Muslim woman everyone should know. She showers us with her beautiful duas that are accompanied with her contagious smile.

And in this episode we dive into the notion of cultivating a strong bond with Allah and focusing our lens, no pun intended, on the many ways Allah has chosen to provide us with rizk, mercy and blessings we could have never imagined for ourselves.

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