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The Rush Limbaugh Show Podcast - May 04 2021

The Rush Limbaugh Show

1h 58min


Crime skyrockets in blue cities. L.A. police ask NBA to investigate LeBron James. Police do not feel supported. LAPD officer Deon Joseph responds to Democrat Congresswoman and BLM. Rush on how Democrats used the Trayvon Martin case to pivot narrative on racist cops and racial profiling. Morehouse School of Medicine's Public safety Operations Commander, Major Kelvin Dingle, blasts attacks on police. Rush on Democrats attack on Trump's campaign for law and order. Viral video of teacher pulled over, goes on racist rant, calling police officers murderers. NY cops buy homeless shoplifting suspect socks. Rush on the Democrat War on Police. Ken talks to the father of teen daughter who was shot by police. Instead of unleashing hatred, he invited the police chief and officers to his daughter's funeral.


Biden pitches free community college giveaway. Rush on how teachers' unions control when and how the Democrats would decide to reopen schools. Rush called Obama Baracka Claus. Rush on the endless spending in Washington, demanding to know how Democrats will pay for it isn't effective strategy. Biden's Santa Claus speech to Congress. Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. Biden soft on China. Rush on how the '60s radical Angela Davis telegraphed how the left coalesced behind Biden during the primaries because he could be the most effectively manipulated. Ken discusses the earlier caller who forgave the police officers who killed his daughter. America is fed up with the war on police and the fake news. Washington, D.C. bans dancing at weddings due to coronavirus.


CIA recruitment ad sounds like a parody, filled with woke leftist talking points. Rush on how corporate America caters to the woke left. Callers on law enforcement and the CIA recruitment video. Vogue magazine features environmentalist who says having children is bad for the environment. Caller remembers Obama's 2008 idea for a nationalized police force. May the Fourth Be With You: We recall Rush's first Family Guy appearance, which was a Star Wars parody. Caller: When I hear Rush on this show, I forget that he's gone.

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